Visual Cleaning System For Home

The Engineered Clean Visual System In Action
3. Take all racks and drawers out of fridge and freezer. 4. Clean inside of freezer and dump ice. 5. Clean...
2. Remove racks, treys, etc 2. Clean all corners including freezer...
1. Clean Microwave inside and under plate, clean the glass plate with Dawn and water and dry. 2. ...

Visual cleaning system in action

Our Engineered Clean Visual System

The Visual Cleaning System

House cleaning service oven procedures

Zero In On Details

The core of the Visual System is breaking down details that can easily be missed. By giving a visual breakdown procedures take less time to follow with less errors.

Visual cleaning path


To be successful a foundation of cleaning methods needs to be established. There are several SCOPs (standard cleaning operating procedure), one example above is how to mop a restroom correctly.

Cleaning quality check


Our people checkoff each step creating a documentation trail and making it easier for the final QC walk-through to make sure critical areas are done right.

Easy To Use

Our visual system is accessible by our cleaning team members and customers. Watch the short video as you’ll find out it’s extremely easy to use.